A very happy pancake day to everyone, it’s such a wonderful thing to have a day dedicated to a dessert. Even if we are a bit biased here at Delightful Desserts. We have chosen to celebrate by offering “The Original” Crepe off our menu at half price all day!

The Original Crepe

Pancake Day Traditions

The day is a long-standing Christian tradition that is also known as Shrove Tuesday. This year the day falls on March 5th. It’s a day before Ash Wednesday which begins a 40 day fasting or ‘lent’ before Easter.

Shrove Tuesday is the last day to use eggs and fats before fasting and pancakes are a perfect recipe to do just that!

It is traditional to flip your pancakes whilst cooking them, which can end in pancakes on the floor or a messy kitchen. But we believe that practice makes perfect to becoming the best pancake flipper out there.

Around the U.K, many other traditions take place to celebrate the day. Pancake races take place up and down the country where contestants run with a frying pan whilst flipping their pancake. This is a wonderful chance for communities to get together to celebrate with a dessert!

If races are not your thing for pancake day, it used to be more traditional for towns to hold traditional Shrove Tuesday football matches. However, the tradition is not as popular as it once was, even though many towns throughout England still participate in the tradition of football and pancakes.

Pancake Toppings

Another popular tradition is having lemon and sugar sprinkled on your pancakes, but now we are spoilt for choice! Other popular options are syrup, Nutella, whipped cream, fruit, and other sweet sauces. We choose the option of having all at the same time!

Whatever your traditions are on Pancake Day, we hope they are as sweet and delightful as the pancakes you make. Don’t have time to make any at home? Why not pop into Delightful Desserts near you and indulge in the day!