Stuck for an original idea for your childs birthday party?

Why not treat your sweet angels to a Delightful Dessert Decorating Party? From only £9.95 per child

These parties are lots of fun and they are a great way to get your child thinking creatively about their desserts, whilst being able to indulge in their own sweet creations!
Suitable for ages from 5 – 11

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Waffle/Crepe Decorating Parties

Let your children’s creativity run wild with our fun waffle/crepe decorating parties! The budding dessert makers get to design their own waffle/crepe with a choice of their own toppings and sauces, and then eat their wonderfully designed creations after!

  • Parties last approximately 1.5 hours; dependent on the pace of the children
  • Minimum of 6 children required
  • Kids will be seated on their own private table and will be given paper chefs hats that they can colour in and do puzzles on
  • A member of our Delightful team will be on hand to explain to the kids how they can decorate their waffles/crepes and give them guidance if required
  • Each child gets a waffle/crepe each, which we will cook freshly as they arrive
  • The table will have 3 topping jars full of delights from your pre chosen selection
  • The table will have 3 topping sauces from your pre chosen selection
  • They will have a scoop of their chosen flavour of ice cream along with their waffle/crepe; they can choose from 3 flavours; chocolate, vanilla or strawberry
  • They can sit and decorate their waffles/crepes and eat their wonderfully designed creations after
  • The best decorated waffle/crepe will be chosen by a member of our team and they will win a certificate
  • They will get unlimited orange or blackcurrant squash
  • They will get unlimited bowls of sweet popcorn on the table
  • They will get a goodie cup full of sweeties and a novelty bubble blower each
  • The birthday boy/girl get a free slice of cake!


£9.95 per child for ½ waffles/crepes
£11.95 per child for full waffles/crepes

Need something extra?

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