Delightful Kids’ parties

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Kids’ Parties 

This week we will be discussing our kids’ parties in a bit more detail. We think that we’ve got the idea that will get your youngsters grinning on their special day.

Our delightful waffle/crepe decorating parties are simply the best! The party designs their own waffle/crepe with a choice of their own toppings and sauces before tucking into their tasty, tasteful creations. Equipped with chef hat and imaginative minds, who knows what will happen! Every birthday party we throw is as unique and wonderful as the next.

All the fun, none of the fuss! We really mean this. We will decorate, provide the entertainment and get the whole party sweet and sugary! So what are you waiting for? Give your child and their friends a day they will never forget. Coolest kid in school? We think so.

The important bits:

  • Parties last approximately 1.5 hours; dependent on the pace of the children
  • Minimum of 6 children required
  • Kids will be seated on their own private table 
  • A member of our Delightful team will be on hand to explain to the kids how they can decorate their waffles/crepes and give them guidance if required
  • Each child gets a waffle/crepe each, which we will cook freshly as they arrive
  • The table will have 3 jars of tasty toppings to choose from as well as 3 topping sauce (from your pre-chosen selection)
  • They will have a scoop of their chosen flavour of ice cream along with their waffle/crepe; they can choose from 3 flavours; chocolate, vanilla or strawberry
  • They can sit and decorate their waffles/crepes and eat their wonderfully designed creations after
  • We all know kids love a bit of competition – that’s why we award a certificate to the best-decorated dessert.
  • Unlimited orange or blackcurrant squash
  • Unlimited bowls of sweet popcorn on the table
  • They will get a goodie cup full of sweeties and a novelty bubble blower each – so no need for party bags
  • The birthday boy/girl gets a free slice of cake!


£9.95 per child for ½ waffles/crepes
£11.95 per child for full waffles/crepes

Make it extra special!

We can arrange a party to meet your individual requirements. If you fancy an entertainer, one of our delicious cakes to lighten up the day, or special request decorations for that extra special touch; we will ALWAYS go above and beyond to make that a reality.