Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper Programme

by | Feb 12, 2019

Our mystery shopper programme is designed to help us analyse and improve the experience that customers receive in our stores. Mystery shoppers will be allocated a specific store to test our customer service and store experience. They will then help us by providing feedback.


What is a mystery shopper? 

A person employed to visit our restaurant incognito, in order to assess the quality of our restaurants and customer service. They will be asked to provide extensive feedback afterward that we later analyse and use for improvements.

How can I become a mystery shopper? 

Complete our online application form, which you can find below. Please fill in all the information. If you wish to be a mystery shopper with us you must have an email address and access to the internet on a smartphone/device.

What are you looking for in a mystery shopper? 

You need to have excellent observational and writing skills, a good command of written and spoken English, and an ability to work to strict deadlines. You must also be committed, enthusiastic and reliable.

Are there any age restrictions?

At the moment we are only looking for mystery shoppers over the age of 18.

Do I need any qualifications?

No formal qualifications are required.

I’m disabled, can I still be a Mystery Shopper? 

Yes, definitely! Please let us know this when you apply as there are other services we can check up on with your help!

Will I get paid for being a mystery shopper? 

No, you will not be paid for this role, once the feedback is completed to a satisfactory level you will be refunded for your purchases. Please note: we will only reimburse food and drinks for the mystery shopper, not for additional diners that have accompanied a mystery shopper. Proof of purchase must be received in order to receive a refund.